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Thief2X Credits

JR 'Avalon' Clements

Project Co-Lead, Mission Design, Original Webpage Concept and Coding, Object Modelling, Miscellaneous Art

David 'Fett' Johnson

Project Co-Lead, Fiction and Quality Assurance Lead, Mission Design, Voice Acting, Map Art

David 'Raen' Riegel

Project Co-Lead, Mission, Art and Sound Management, Gamesys Engineering, Object and AI Modelling, Textures, Voice Acting, Audio Post-Processing, Map Art, Miscellaneous Art

Cutscene Team

Dark Craft Animation Studios

Joss 'Skamakazi' Giffard
Steve 'caffeinatedzombeh' Glasbey
David 'Saturnine' Tonkinson

Briefing Team

Don 'god is my goldfish' Bitters

Briefing Assembly and Video

Dan Staton, David 'Saturnine' Tonkinson and Rohan Tabasan

Briefing Artwork, Artwork Post-Processing

Randall Earnest: Briefing Artwork

'Vunk Lung': Briefing Artwork

'Cintar': Briefing Artwork and Cleanup

'Broken Arts': Briefing Artwork

'Hawklette': Briefing Artwork

Hanna Palkonen: Briefing Artwork

Michael 'Uberdonkey' McBreen: Briefing Artwork

'Dragon Dust': Briefing Artwork

'Muzman': Briefing Artwork

Silmuen Klas: Briefing Artwork

Wynne April Lurty: Briefing Artwork

Art Team

Nils 'addink' Addink

Textures, Website Art and Coding,
Metagame Art, Body Carry Icons

Derrick O'Neal 'Mudshovel' Sallee

Object Modelling, AI Modelling, HUD Art, PlayerArm Art

Alan 'Dhin' Mecham

and Von Eins:

Object Modelling, AI Modelling

Randal Earnest

Website Concept Sketches

Erik Bakker and 'Daemonite'

AI Modelling

John P., David 'ChiefDreams' Hixson and Florian 'The Outrider' Piesche:


'The Gingerbread Man' and Mara 'MsLedd' Bernard

Textures, Additional Art

'Broken Arts' and Michael 'Uberdonkey' McBreen

Concept Art

'Muzman', 'Dom' and 'EFX'

AI and Object Textures

'Little Girl Blue' and 'Vunk Lung'

Miscellaneous Art

Clay 'ZylonBane' Halliwell

Texture fixes and Technical Art updates

Plot Team

Valeta Wensloff

Ask 'ToolHead' Rasmussen

Kathleen 'Strangeblue' Richardson



Design Team

Duncan Cooke

James 'Gonchong' Roberts

Robin 'Robin G' Garcia

Don 'Mazur' Mazur

Pershin 'Mad God' Sergey

Tore 'Twin Dreamer' Bekken

'The Gingerbread Man'

Programming Team

Duncan Cooke

T2X Launcher, T2X Patch Utility, Bug Database

Nils 'addink' Addink

T2X Patch Utility

'Nameless Voice'

Custom Scripts

Vadim 'Gaylesaver' Kokielov

Custom Scripts

Sound and Music Team

Thomas 'Crimson' Young

Paul 'Lonestar' Billo

Paul Fox



Carsten 'Stringgod' Benninghoff

Voice Acting Team

Wynne April Lurty: Zaya

Tim 'New Horizon' Gormley: Guard 2, Hammer 2, Hammer 3, Ghosts

Dave 'Fett' Johnson: Guard 3, Male Servant, Smuggler 3, Ghosts

Paul 'Loanstar' Billo: Guard 1, Male Noble

David 'Raen' Riegel: Smuggler 1, Kedar, Oleandar

'Sneak': Male Cop 2, Male Mechanist

Paul Fox: Hammer 1, Sheriff Truart

'Broken Arts': Female Noble

'Cybernide': Female Servant

Chris Snider: Malak

Jentzsch Gero: Male Cop 1

Steve 'Lazarus': Smuggler 2

Valeta Wensloff: Female Cop

Haily Batchilder: Female Mechanist

Jill Carper: Female Noble 2

With the Talents of...

'Muzman': Audio Post Processing

'd0om': Initial Gamesys Setup

Mara 'MsLedd' Bernard: FTP and Server Goddess

'UnderTow': Our #1 Fanboy


With special thanks to...


Caleb 'Despot' Callaway, Jared 'Secluded Memory' Atkins, Alex 'Dashjianta' Jire, Randy 'Shadowspawn' Sybel, Chris Peingsten, 'Redearth', 'The Blackman', 'Audave', 'Blutch', 'CYA Wolf', 'Dark Angel', 'GreyMouser', 'Junkie Doodle', 'Lytha', 'MaD-DoG', 'Myoldnamebroke', Nick 'Para?Noid' Potter, 'Pellay', Sean Adams, 'Tarren', Tristen 'Totality' Attridge, Dan 'Digital Nightfall' Todd, 'Saam'

Jordan Russell for the Inno Setup Installer

Eidos and Looking Glass Studios

All of the TTLG Staff

All of our spouses and significant others and Thief fans everywhere