m01: Unexpected..
m02: Trials
m03: City Sleeps
m04: Shadowing
m05: Redistribution
m06: A Question of..
m07: Down Among..
m08: Deception
m09: Into the Fray
m10: Of Ill Repute
m11: Grand Hotel
m12: The Cure
m13: Betrayal
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Walkthrough - Mission 1

Unexpected Shelter

In T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age you play the part of Zaya, a spice merchant.

You begin on the waterfront, where you are supposed to meet up with your cousin, Kedar. There's a healing oil flask in a chest on the upper floor of the warehouse off to the left (W). Once you've got it, go into the building to the north and meet with Kedar. He'll ask you to follow him to his shop, so stay close.

On your way out of the building, snag a partial map of the city from a desk you pass by.

After walking quite a ways through the city, you'll be ambushed by some thugs. They overpower Kedar so you have to look after yourself. Run through the gate and race straight ahead (W) as far as you can, then turn to the right (N), right (E), then left (N) and you'll come to a derelict house. Enter the grounds and the thieves will stop following you.

Go into the house and the doors slam shut behind you. Oh, oh! That's kind of creepy! Pick up the rough map that is lying by the dead body near the front doors then start exploring the main floor. Pickings are slim. Go through the door beside the west staircase and cross the hall to the kitchen. There's a bottle of healing oil in the kitchen cupboard and outside the kitchen door is the back garden. Go through the west archway and there are three directions you can explore. Continue west and you'll come to a gazebo but there's nothing of interest here.

Head east and you can pick up 2 healing fruit from under a plant. Walk north and you'll enter a grassy area that has gates into an enclosed garden area. Go through the gates and over to the fountain where you'll find the "Basement" key.

Return to the garden area outside the kitchen door and enter the house again but through the east door. There are two pedestals by the far wall. How interesting!

Stand on one until it lowers and then the other one and you'll trigger Secret #1. A panel in the south wall opens and you'll find more healing oil inside the chest here.

At the top of the stairs turn left (W), enter the first room on the right (N) and you'll find a broken window. Climb out onto the ledge, jump the gap in the middle and go around to the far side of the house. Here there's a healing fruit sitting on the ledge. Back inside, if you continue down the hallway, there’s some interesting reading about the house in the next room on the right.

Now go east down the hall past the stairs and go to the library on the right. There's a book you can frob on one of the shelves that opens a room off of the north hallway, east of the Library. One of the books in this room contains a history of the manor that is of interest.

Head back downstairs and find the locked door in the NW corner. Use the "Basement Key" to unlock it and go down the stairs. Frob a section of the north wall to open a secret door and you'll hear a ghostly voice say "Haste will lead to Death while attention will serve thee best." Heed the words as they are a clue to help you avoid traps in the next section.

The next words the voice speaks, as you enter a basement room, are to guide you safely through the next section. Since it mentions that straight ahead and right aren't safe, go left (N) along the hallway then right at the end and left at the puddle of water. The room you pass on the right contain the diary of the man who built the basement traps.

The next room has a tile and wood floor. Step only on the wood to stay safe and make your way to the hallway to your right (W) where you can frob a torch on the left wall just before the steps. This opens a secret door off of the tile and wood room.

Stay on the wood and get into the room you just revealed where you can flip a big lever, which will disable the next trap. Don't overlook the healing oil flask that is sitting on the floor in the corner. Go back to the tile and wood room but this time enter the east hallway, which is now safe. At the end of the hallway, you'll be stopped dead by a gap but heed the voice, which tells you to be patient. Stand and watch.

The wisp floating here will build you a walkway of blue dust. Be sure you don't try to follow it too closely as the heads mounted on the far wall shoot energy balls and you have to have enough room to get by them quickly to stay safe. If you fall there’s a ladder on the south wall to climb back up.

Enter the hallway at the end of the dust walkway, go down a slope and the voice will tell you to suppress your pride and kneel by the guides. Take that seriously! Crouch walk through here to avoid another three traps. At the end of this hallway, you enter a cave system. In the cave with the pond, you have two pathways to choose from, NE or NW.

Choose the NW and follow the path into some rooms at the far end. Here you will meet Malak and find safety, which ends the mission.