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Walkthrough - Mission 4

Shadowing The Enemy

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your hairpin lockpick.

Loot Map & List

Boarding the Train

You begin the mission hiding in a corner near the front of the train station. Allow the smugglers standing nearby to complete their conversation. Afterwards they will enter the station. Walk west through the twin arches into an outdoor storage area and pick up the moss arrow lying on the ground to the left.

There are two metal towers in the yard in front of the train station. You'll see a metal grate above the torch in the train station wall opposite the left-hand (S) tower. Shoot a vine arrow at the grate (place it as close to the edge of the grate as you can manage so you don't run into the torch), climb up and jump to the top of the tower, where you will find an EMP grenade.
Climb back down to the ground (leave your vine arrow behind as you'll take damage if you try to retrieve it) and go through the archways in the southwest corner.

Turn left, walk through a door and you'll emerge on a metal walkway across some water. Jump into the water to the left and pick up a water arrow from the bottom (near the mushroom lamp) then climb back out onto the walkway.

Stand with your back to the door you entered through and to your right, across the water is a ledge. Use the elemental catalyst to turn your water arrows to ice arrows and shoot one or two at the water to make platforms. (I found it easier to mantle up if I used 2 and could do a run/hop towards the ledge.) Mantle up then shoot a vine arrow into the wooden ledge high above. Climb the vine to the wooden ledge and go through one of the open windows into a room full of machinery. You've just found Secret #1!

Open the door, go out onto the station roof and turn left. Walk past the door on the right and at the very far end you'll find a gas arrow lying on the floor. Return to the door and go through into a bedroom.

Pick up 2 silver coinstacks (+24) and a pile of coins (+75 = 99) from the table then open the floor grate and climb down the ladder. Flip the lever on the wall to open a secret door, go out through it and turn left. You'll arrive at the front door to the station.

You need to get on board the train and there are several ways to do this. You can swipe a ticket from the counter with the servant attendant but this almost always spooks him and you end up having to deal damage and getting caught. Alternately, you can steal a ticket from a passenger downstairs, but again you have to deal damage, and there’s no convenient place to hide the body. The third option is to sneak through the security control room and board without a ticket.

If you plan to enter with a ticket, you still need to get all the loot, so go up the stairs on the right and over to the Security Control Room door in the north wall. When the guards aren't looking, pick open the door and slip inside. Use an EMP grenade to disable the big bot patrolling the hallway then run through the doorway opposite the entry door and straight across into another room to avoid alerting the Watcher above the stairs. Open the chest in here and pick up another EMP grenade. Run back to the hallway where you disabled the robot, turn left and then left again into a large room with a Watcher and 2 turrets mounted at the far end. Have an EMP grenade ready then run part way down the room and lob it at the Watcher to disable it. Continue down to the far end and open the chest, which contains a medallion (+100 = 199). Return to the west end of the room where you'll see a small raised platform.

If you want to get onboard without a ticket, move the pile of boxes here, open the grate and go through onto a ledge above the train. Shoot a moss arrow onto the top of the train, slip silently down on to it and walk north. At the end of the car, peer over the edge and you'll see the metal boarding platform. Moss it then drop down and slip through the south door into the train. By taking this route, be aware that you will miss acquiring a flashbomb available in the ticketed passengers route.

If you would prefer to be thorough, instead of going through the secret passage in the Security Control Room door, head right (W) and descend the stairs to the lower level. You can get past the cameras with an EMP bomb or by running to the landing and standing directly beneath them. When they turn green again, run to the shadows at the bottom of the stairs. Pick the door here and enter the downstairs lobby.

If you didnít grab a ticket from the counter, enter the sitting room on the right (S) and wait for a man to walk in to warm himself by the fire. He has a ticket in his hand. Wait until he's starting to walk out the other door (to make sure the guard outside can't see you through the doorway) and blackjack him, then help yourself to his ticket. Tuck him into a corner then go out into the main room, cross to the east doorway and show your ticket to the guard.

Go through the door, walk north, then take the first turn to the right. (If you were to walk straight ahead you'd run into the smugglers you're following and the mission would end.) Walk down some stairs and into a room with 2 lockers in the corner on the right. One of them contains a flashbomb. Continue out the other side of the room and down to the train.

However youíve chosen to get onboard, turn left in the last care and enter the Lounge car which is to the south. Objective complete! Itís easier to loot this car before the train starts, so exit the Sitting room and turn left (S) towards the 2 dancing people. Before you go through the archway into the lounge, open the briefcase that is sitting on the table to your right to acquire a statue (+15 = 214).

There is a goblet (+15 = 229) on a table beyond the 2 people and in the observation room at the far end there's an EMP grenade inside a chest. Now go into the Lounge Sitting Room on the left and close the door.

Objective complete!

Everything goes black for a second and afterwards, you realize the train is on the way to its destination.

Riding the Train

You can explore the train freely, as long as you're not spotted stealing anything. So when you're pilfering, be careful to do it out of sight.

Head to the north end of the Lounge car, go through the door and across into the Kitchen car. Open refrigerator #1 and you'll find a water arrow beside the fish. Open the top oven door and snatch a fire arrow from the flames then take the gold wine bottle (+50 = 279) from the shelves. There's a ladder up to the roof if you want to admire the view. If you're brave enough to make the jump north to the roof of the dining car you'll find a gas arrow on top of the central electrical device. Return to the Kitchen car and continue north through the Dining car. Along the way, pick up a golden goblet (+25 = 304) that's lying on one of the seats to the right.

The next car is the Gambling/Recreation car. There are 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 314) on the first gaming table. Quickly stuff them in your pocket when nobody is looking then stroll along beside the tables and pilfer a goblet (+30 = 344) from the middle table. Walk up onto the raised area and stand nonchalantly beside the guard while you reach behind his back to grab the vase (+50 = 394) from the windowsill.

Beyond is the Nobles' Sleeping car. There is a notice posted beside the door stating that anyone who hasn't booked a private compartment who is caught entering any of the rooms will be severely punished. Don't go in through the door, but instead go to the right of the ramp and remove a pile of boxes.

Crawl through the hole behind into the luggage compartment and pick up the statue (+15 = 409) from the floor in the southwest corner. Open the briefcase on the same side of the room and inside you'll find a pile of coins (+50 = 459).

Walk to the northwest corner and look above your head. Frob the rug to move it aside and climb up into the room above. Pick up a golden urn (+100 = 559) and a small gold key from the table then use the key to unlock the wooden door. Donít let the guard in the Sitting Room to the north see you breaking into rooms here. Cross the hallway to the next room where you'll find a set of clothing (+15 = 574) stowed in a chest.

Walk south along the hallway, and in the next room on the right you can take a purse (+100 = 674) from a Hammer guard. In the last room in the right, there's a medallion (+50 = 724) lying on the seat and in the last room on the left you'll find a vine arrow.

Turn around and walk to the Sitting room at the north end of the car. Grab a gold wine bottle (+50 = 774), 2 goblets (+30 = 804) and a china plate (+10 = 814) then exit through the east door onto a metal walkway. Jump over the railing to the right onto the pipe and climb the ladder to the roof of the car. Walk around the raised section to the north end of the car where you'll find a gas arrow.

Edge your way back to the east side and drop down onto the balcony where you'll see some boxes and an explosives barrel. Climb onto the boxes and go through the window into a compartment. There's a drunken man lying on the floor and he is wearing the silver key that unlocks the door.

The chest contains a bottle of healing oil, and there's a goblet (+15 = 829) on the shelf. Go out into the hallway and turn right. The next room is unoccupied and you'll find a vase (+50 = 879) on the table.

Walk down the ramp, through the door and across into the Peasants' Sitting Car. As soon as you enter you'll see the smugglers standing at the far end.

Objective complete!

You'll also receive a new objective to return to the Lounge Sitting room, close the door and wait for the train to stop. Retrace your steps back through the train, go into the Lounge Sitting room and shut the door. Objective complete! You'll also receive a new objective to follow the smugglers through Sunnyport to their destination. Don't forget that you must stay out of their sight!


Walk through the archway to the east, along the corridor, across a small room, and along another passageway. Open the gate and peer out. You see the smugglers standing at the far side of the courtyard. Wait for them to walk off and follow them through the town. Youíre familiar with the drill if youíve played Assassins or Ambush. See Figs. Check Images on the right (1, 2 and 3) for the spots where the smuggler in the rear turns to make sure theyíre not being followed, and where youíll need to sneak past a stationary smuggler at the Goody Bag candy store.

When you reach the door with the posted archer, youíll have to pass through the light to get behind him, but if youíre quick, he wonít go into alert mode. Near the end of the route you walk through a couple of empty houses and emerge into a snowy outdoor area full of ruined buildings. The upper part of the south wall of the building facing you is damaged. Mantle up into the gap, and from there up onto the roof where you will find a small silver statue (+15 = 894) in the northwest corner.

The smugglers have gone through the door you can see to the northwest below (near the torch). Jump back down to the ground and follow them. As you enter the second room in this building the mission will end.

Mission Complete!