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Walkthrough - Mission 11

The Grand Hotel

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List


The Hotel Grounds

You begin the mission just outside the gate into the hotel grounds. The box on the wall to the left just before the gate contains a switch to turn off some of the lights inside. You'll have to avoid being spotted by the Watcher so you might want to put out the torch by the front doors, which darkens things down a bit more (If you dart in quickly to the right, you’ll come to a spot that conceals you completely). Keep an eye out for a couple of patrolling guards and head right (W). Check the flowerbed on the left for a moss arrow then continue on around the building. You'll come to an archway into a small covered area where there is a guard standing outside a door, wearing the "Entrance Key". Take the key but you won't need it now.

Check the east side of the archway frame for a tiny lever and flip it to find Secret #1. A hatch in the ceiling opens and gives you a nice sneaky way into the building. (If you want to collect as much equipment as possible, continue past this area into the gardens behind. You can pick up a moss arrow behind the hedges.)


Storage Room

Rope arrow up through the hatch and into a storage room. You've just entered the hotel so that completes one objective. There's a snoring guard lying on the floor nearby. Pick up the crumpled note nearby and you'll find it contains the security code "1737". How kind of him to leave it there for you! Snag a gold wine bottle (+50) from the top of a nearby crate (the unlit torch holder on the wall nearby opens and closes the hatch you entered through) then head down to the west end of the room. There's an EMP grenade on top of a crate and a water arrow on the floor in the corner.

Leave through the metal door in the south wall and enter a long hallway. Approach the far end cautiously, as there are two guards standing in the next hallway. When you get close enough, they begin a conversation.

Put out a lamp and stay in the shadows until they complete it and they'll walk back towards you. Grab the "Security Room key" from one of them (Capt. Cassagrande) then go through the doorway and turn to your left. There's a small sitting area here where you can pick up a goblet (+15 = 65) from a table and a medallion (+75 = 140) from a podium. Return to the storage room, rope arrow up into the rafters and go through a hatch on the south side onto a flat rooftop.


Rooftops and Upstairs Office

Walk to the far side, mantle up onto a ledge and follow it around the building to a flat rooftop with a railing. Climb over the railing and go over to the trap door that you'll see. Open it, climb down the ladder and into a small storage room. Open a chest to pick up a spice bag (+40 = 180) then open the door and go out into the hallway. Walk south, stopping to pick up a statue (+15 = 195) along the way and go out the doorway at the end. Turn left and you'll see a guard standing on a raised platform over the hallway. Sneak up behind him and take the "Upstairs Office key" from his belt. Use it to open the door to his left and go in.

There's a note on the left-hand desk that contains the Security code, which you also found in the storage room and it also mentions that Finkle's office key is kept at the front desk. The chest beside this desk contains a gas arrow and the book on the desk opposite the door contains a blackmail note. Zaya makes a comment that Finkle might be willing to trade the note for information on Kedar's whereabouts. The last desk contains a silver coinstack (+50 = 245). Leave the office, go back down the same stairs, through the doorway to the hallway and back towards the storage room. Before you reach it, turn left into a corridor and over to the door to Room #7. The occupants won’t see you if you hug the left wall. Pilfer a gold coinstack (+70 = 315) from a chest in the corner then go back to the storage room and climb the ladder to the roof. (Beware a patrolling guard up here, by the way.)

Walk south, then east and examine the two statues here closely on your way by. They are both wearing tiaras (+120 = 435)! On the next section of roof, you'll see a trap door but before going down through it, climb over the east railing onto a ledge. It ends at a slightly higher ledge that you can mantle up onto and at the end of this one you can drop down onto a flat rooftop with a table and a couple of chairs on it. Pick up a vial of healing oil that is lying on the table, climb up on the barrel to get back onto the ledge and go back to the rooftop with the trap door.


Upper Floor

Open the trap door and descend into another storage room. Go out the door into a hallway and take a moss arrow from the planter on the right then go through the doorway on the left (E) side. Turn left to Room #8, enter quietly so as to not disturb the lady dozing on the chair and frob the unlit torch on the wall to discover Secret #2. A panel in the wall beside the dresser slides open and gives you access to Room # 9 where you can acquire a vase (+20 = 455). (A switch behind the dresser in this room also opens and closes the wall panel.)

Open the door to the hallway and turn left to Room #10. The chest in here contains a medallion (+50 = 505). Go through the archway across from Room #9 and take a water arrow from the fountain basin on the left. Leave this room through the east archway, turn left and you'll end up at Suite 3. My! That must have been quite a party! Maybe you should pick up some bits. There are 2 gold candlesticks (+50 = 555) on the dining table and a gold bottle (+25 = 580) lying on the floor beside the drunken woman. There's a gas arrow in the birdhouse on the balcony and vase (+40 = 620) on the bedside table in the bedroom.

Return to the hallway and go past the room with the small fountain. Turn right (W) at the corner and then left (S) into a hallway with a bookcase and chair at the far end. There's a purse (+100 = 720) in Room #11, which is on the left and you can pick up a pair of spectacles (+25 = 745) from the small sitting area at the end of the hallway. Go through the archway to a hallway and straight ahead, just across the hallway, there are two storage rooms. The right-hand (N) one has a couple of Locust Hives in the back corner and in the right-hand (S) one you'll find a small silver statue (+15 = 760) in a chest.

Head southeast of the storage rooms through an archway into a room with a guard standing watch. Take 2 silver statues (+30 = 790) from the fireplace mantle then continue through the room and out the far side. You'll come to an alcove on the right, which is across from stairs down to the lower level, and in it there's a vase (+50 = 840). Continue west to the end of the hallway and wait in the shadows while two guards in the next room have a conversation. Once they're done, one will leave. Creep in and fish a statue (+15 = 855) out of the fountain basin. Exit through the north doorway and into another hallway.

Off to your right, there are two storerooms. The shelves in the north one hold a concealment potion (Fig.12) and there's a red rolled tapestry (+150 = 1005) standing in the corner. Back in the hallway straight ahead of you is another set of stairs leading down, but leave that for now and turn left (W) through an archway. Filch a purple urn (+75 = 1080) from a small table and continue into the next corridor.

On the left is Room #1 where you'll find a pile of coins (+75 = 1155) lying on a table. Leave the room and turn left - ahead of you is Room #2 and someone has carelessly left a purse (+20 = 1175) sitting on the coffee table. Back in the hallway to your left is the door to Room #3 where something strange has obviously happened. Beware the servant patrolling here – if you’re ghosting, go in and stand by the chest – he won’t see you in the flickering light. There's a book to read on the floor and a mask (+20 = 1195) locked in the chest.

West through the archway is Room #4 where you can add a pair of earrings (+100 = 1295) to your loot bag. Walk north past Room #5, which appears to be unoccupied, and through to the next hallway.

Turn right (E), walk along the corridor behind a huge statue. In the small room at the end, turn right (S) to Room #6 where you can add a flashbomb to your inventory. Now head north, go through the doorway ahead, turn left and go down the stairs to the main floor.


Main Floor Rooms

In a storage area underneath the stairs you can pick up a couple of spider eggs and a vine arrow. Walk north through the doorway opposite the stairs, pick up 2 small silver statues (+30 = 1325) and continue straight ahead then turn left.

There's a gold urn (+50 = 1375) on the shelves near a large statue. Help yourself to it then turn around and walk east into a small dining room but watch out for the Watcher mounted in one corner. You can dart in and turn it off with the switch mounted on the wall below it then take a vase (+50 = 1425) and a fire arrow from in front of the fireplace. Exit through the east door, grab a gold bottle (+50 = 1475) from a table to the left and walk straight ahead through another door. Turn left and enter the office of Damon Armani, the Assistant Manger of the hotel. Take a silver coinstack (+12 = 1487) from the chest and a gem (+50 = 1537) from the desk compartment. Loot objective complete!

Walk south along the hallway and turn left (E) at the far end. Enter the ballroom through the double glass doors on the right, turn the lights off, and take a silver flute (+75 = 1612) from the stage floor then return to the hallway and continue east a bit then turn into a room on the left. Look up at the rafters and you'll see a gas arrow. Rope arrow up, grab the arrow and then check the side of the rafter NW of it for a lever. Flip it to reveal Secret #3. Go through the opening, climb down the ladder and flip another lever to open a door. Drop to the floor in the crouch, then dart forward and grab the vase (+50 = 1662) from the center table – if you’re quick enough he won’t see you. Exit through the east door and turn left to the Security Room. Unlock it with the "Security Room Key" which you have in your inventory and go in.

This part is tricky if you’re ghosting. First, open the chest in the corner to get some moss arrows and look inside the desk compartment for a silver coinstack (+35 = 1697). When you enter the security code that you found earlier (1737) into the code machine, it will shut off the Watchers in the front lobby, but it also causes the desk clerk to come to this office to turn them back on. The best way to deal with this is to wait till the patrols in the hallways are far away, then enter the code. Immediately sneak around the corner into the lobby with the bot. The desk clerk will enter from the other door and head for the security room. Run behind the desk in the main lobby and pick the lock on the box containing the "Office key", then grab the "Master Suites key" hanging on the wall. If you’re really brave, there’s a gas arrow above the desk that you can get by using a vine arrow to climb up. Go back around the corner into the lobby with the bot so the desk clerk doesn’t catch you. Go turn the Watcher’s off again – the desk clerk will ignore them this time. You should now be able to use moss arrows to get across the lobby, and take a vase (+50 = 1747) from a coffee table and then check out the front foyer where you'll find a gold statue (+75 = 1822) and a shut-off switch for the Watcher outside the front doors.

Now go out the front doors and head right (East) around the building to the doorway with the patrolling guard. Get his key and unlock the double doors. You're inside Rolande's Restaurant. Go into the Public Lavatory and pick up a water arrow from the pool as well as one from inside the last toilet hole. Slip into the east room of Rolande's and pick up 2 gold plates (+100 = 1922) from a table then go back outside. There's nothing of interest in the main room of the restaurant. Keep going South around the building (watch out for the patrolling bot here) until you reach another set of double doors. Pick up a locust hive that is lying on the ground in the corner behind a birdhouse, open the doors using the Entrance Key, and get the moss arrow from the inside window sill.

Turn right and go to the game table at the far wall where there are 3 coins (+60 = 1982). Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 2032) from the bar, a purse (+50 = 2082) from the man standing in front of the fire and snag a fire arrow from the mantle.

Exit through the door across from the stairs where you cam in, and walk through the archway on the west side of this room. Follow the hallway to the end where you'll enter a yellow wallpapered hallway. Turn left at the next corner and you'll see Suite #1 on the right (watch for the patrolling guard here). The door unlocks with the "Master Suites Key" that you got at the front desk. In the bedroom on the left, there's a Signet ring (+100 =2182) on the bedside table (Note: this piece of loot was missing in the original version of the game, but was replaced in the patch). In the bathroom across the hall is a ring (+45 = 2227) on the edge of the tub, and in the main room, you can pick up 4 gold plates (+60 = 2287), a gold bottle (+20 = 2307) and 2 goblets (+30 = 2337) from the dining table. There's a moss arrow in the south garden beside the small fountain and a silver statue (+15 = 2352) on the fireplace mantle.

Back in the hallway, turn right into a small room at the end and frob an unlit torch on the wall to find Secret #4. A small door slides open and gives you access to the Library. (The secret door can be opened and closed from inside the Library by frobbing a book on the shelf nearby.) Watch out for the patrolling guard who is wearing the "Library key". There's another copy of the key sitting on a table near a book which tells you where to find Capt. Cassagrande but you've already had the pleasure of meeting him. Pick up the healing oil from the table and a big purple urn (+100 = 2452) from a bench then go back out through the secret door.

Walk west up the hallway, past Suite #1 to the far end and turn right at the corner. You'll pass a Victrola in the corner then come upon a small sitting area where you can acquire a gold urn (+50 = 2502). Continue on and turn left at the corner. Walk to the far end and into a room with stairs to the upper floor and a fountain. Take a water arrow from the basin then return to the hallway and go up the little set of stairs and through the west archway.

Suite #2 is on the left side of the hallway and the door unlocks with the "Master Suites Key". Check the desk in the bedroom for 3 gold coins (+60 = 2562) that are lying beside a note. In the dining area, you'll find 2 gold candlesticks (+50 = 2612). The lady in the sitting room is wearing a purse (+50 = 2662). Head back to the hallway, turn left and continue walking but DON'T enter the room at the end of the hall! There's a bot standing in the corner to the right and this is a good place to use either a concealment potion or one of your EMP grenades to disable him. Any dousing of lights alerts the bot, so the only way to truly ghost this area is to sneak all the way back around the hotel to the West side of the hotel and enter this area from that direction.

Across the room from him is the door to the office of Doogan Finkle, Hotel Manager. Unlock it with the "Office key", go in and approach the desk. Do NOT touch anything before the conversation with him completes as if he sees you take anything, he will set off the alarms. You present him with the blackmail note and at the end of the conversation, he puts the "Basement key" on the desk then proceeds to have a heart attack and drop dead right in front of you. Now it's safe to poke around. In the safe, there's a mine and on the shelves you'll find 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 2677) and a silver statue (+15 = 2692).

North of the room outside the Manager's office is the Hotel Safe room, which is guarded by a Watcher. It's relatively easy to sneak over to the door and open it with the "Security Room Key" and dart in without being detected. There's a lever on the wall inside that will deactivate the Watcher. Clean out the shelves and you'll pick up 2 EMP grenades, a healing oil, a gas arrow, a necklace (+55 = 2647), a pair of earrings (+75 = 2822), 2 spice bags (+50 = 2872), 3 copper coinstacks (+15 = 2887) and a rolled red tapestry (+50 = 2937). The safe contains a silver coinstack (+50 = 2987).

Remove the steel plate in the ceiling above the crate in the SE corner to find Secret #5. Stand on the crate and you can mantle up into the area above (though you don't really need to - you can open the chest while standing on the crate) and take a mine from a chest.


The Basement

Now to find the basement and locate Kedar. There's a basement door north of here but it's the hard way in so instead, walk south back into the area of the guest rooms and climb through the secret door into the Library. Use the "Library key" to unlock one of the doors, exit and go down the metal stairs to the basement door. Unlock it with the "Basement Key" and head in.

Directly across from you is the kitchen and Kedar is standing in the corner. You'll have to gas him or knock him out to incapacitate him so you can take him with you when you leave. For now, just let him nap on the floor while you explore a bit. Check the kitchen sink for a gold urn (+25 = 3012) then to through the east door to the pantry where there's a gold wine bottle (+50 = 3062) sitting on a shelf.

Along the hallway west of the kitchen is a patrolling guard who is carrying a purse (+30 = 3092). There's nothing of value in the dining hall on the left. Next are some servants' rooms. In the first one, there's a book to read and a silver coinstack (+12 = 3104). The second room holds nothing of value and in the third one, there's a gold mask (+50 = 3154). There's an EMP grenade on the table in the last room and just past it, on the left side of the hallway, there's a spice bag (+40 = 3194) locked in a chest. The grate in the wall opposite the chest opens with a lever on the wall but there's no real need to go in there unless you want to pick up a water arrow that is sitting on a ledge beside a piece of machinery. It's mainly a route to this section if you used the other basement door. If you choose to explore the rest of the basement, you can pick up a couple of fire arrows in a room with a vat of molten metal and you'll also find a room FULL of nasty machines so beware!

Return to the kitchen, pick up Kedar and head down into the wine cellar, which is at the east end of the hallway. Take care of the big green spider, pick up a couple of spider eggs and a gold wine bottle (+50 = 3244) then frob a torch holder on the left-hand wall at the east end of the cellar to open a secret door. You've just found Secret #6. Take Kedar through the secret door, through the basement rooms beyond and up some stairs to a pair of doors that open out onto the street. Carry him out and drop him on the street near the gates.

Mission Complete!