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Walkthrough - Mission 7

Down Among Dead Men

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List

You begin the mission in an underground passageway. Turn left at the corner and avoid the headless zombie that's patrolling the corridor. Pluck a water arrow from the puddle on the left and keep walking. There's another water arrow in the next puddle and shortly after that, you'll emerge into a cave where there's the body of a Hammer guard lying in one corner. Read the scroll lying beside him and you'll find that it mentions one of the artifacts you learned about in the previous mission. It says that the Crystal of Evil Enchantments, which might be useful against the undead, has been left in one of the graveyard crypts.

Head west into a flooded cave, where you can pick up a silver nugget (+50) that's lying in the water. Return to the previous cave and walk along the east passageway which slopes downward. Take a water arrow from the puddle and continue out into a cave with a Church in the center. These crypts are patrolled by zombies that are rather different from the usual ones. If you hit them enough times with your sword, their heads and arms will fall off, rendering them harmless. Beware though, as they also can attack in different ways than the zombies you are accustomed to!

Walk along the right-hand wall (E) of the cave and you'll find a moss arrow behind the second headstone. Go through the double doors nearby and up the stairs into an area where you can see a large building behind a fence. There's no way in from here, so don't bother going in to have a look around. Instead, enter the North passageway which takes you to an open area with a guillotine in the middle. Pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 100) from the ground behind a vine in the back corner. Watch as a grisly scene is enacted then leave through the passageway, walk down the stairs and back to the area outside the church.


The Church

Go through the church front doors and along the passageway into the altar area (the specter here ignores you). Rope arrow up into the rafters in the right-hand (E) side and you'll find a moss arrow.

Rope arrow up into the rafters in the left-hand (S) side, pick up Mausoleus's Left Leg and crawl through the hole in the wall. Jump down into another section of the grounds and go through the gates into a cemetery.

Turn right and open the wooden door on the right. Go down the steps into the tomb and you'll find Mausoleus's Right Leg . Now enter the similar tomb in the northwest corner of the graveyard to collect a couple of fire arrows that are lying on the floor. Open the top of the coffin and inside you'll find the Elemental Crystal. Objective complete! It will be added to your Elemental Catalyst and now when you use it, not only will your water arrows be changed into ice arrows but your fire arrows will now be changed into flare arrows, which are useful when dealing with the undead.

There's a passageway in the southeast tomb that leads into the Mausoleum but don't go through it. You'll arrive there later by a different route. There's a golden goblet (+25 = 125) lying in front of the tombstone of Fandor & Son in the passageway opposite this tomb. The ‘LGS Tombstone’ Easter Egg is the last on the right as well. You can acquire a goblet (+15 = 140) from the ground near the gravestone of Fencl, which is in the row along the west side of the graveyard. (Just jump over the zombies here to keep from waking them up)

Return to the church, sink a rope arrow into the wooden beam that protrudes from the flat roof and re-enter the church. Climb down to the main floor and check the back of the altar. You'll see a lever which operates a small elevator set into the floor. Get on, flip the lever and ride it down to the lower level.

Open the door and walk out into the basement corridors. Open the door on the right and enter a bedroom. Grab a moss arrow from the rafters then go through to the next room, which appears to be a small library. Frob a book on the west shelves to find Secret #1 . Return to the previous room and you'll see a bookcase has opened and exposed a hidden room. Read the book on the table to acquire a new optional objective to destroy Mausoleus's remains. Grab the bottle of healing oil on the table and go back out into the hallway. (If the secret door has closed, there's a book in here that you can frob to re-open it)

To the south is a machinery room where you can fish a water arrow out of a basin and pick a moss arrow from the rafters.

To the east is a broken door and another door that opens into a bathing room. Enter it, take a moss arrow from the rafters and water arrows from both the toilet and the bathtub. Climb through the hole in the wall into the next room. Exit through the door into a hallway where you can grab another moss arrow from the rafters then smash the 3 crates in the small storeroom opposite to find 3 moss arrows. Head east into a room that looks like it's been used as both a torture chamber and a storage room. There is a small gold hammer (+ 75 = 215) sitting on top of a crate and the coffin in the northeast corner contains a fire arrow. Pluck 2 water arrows from the trough of red water and a silver statue (+15 = 230) from the crate underneath the torch on the west wall.


The Crypts

Pick open the doors in the southwest corner and go through into a room lined with burial urns. Pick up 4 small grey urns (+80 = 310), and then frob the blue glowing one to find Secret #2. A panel in the wall will slide open. Jump through into the room behind and pick up a ring (+100 = 410) and a gold candlestick (+25 = 435). If the door closes before you have a chance to get out just frob the glowing blue candlestick to reopen it.

Return to the main room and go through the archway to the left into a passageway lined with coffins. You'll emerge into a round burial chamber. Climb the west ladder, turn left and take a goblet (+15 = 450) from inside a broken coffin then continue to the south end and go through a door into another round burial chamber. There is a green gem (+100 = 550) that alternates between floating above the central coffin in the lower room and a coffin in the upper level. Grab it from one of these locations then go over to the two coffins that have been partially removed from their alcoves in the southwest corner of the lower floor.

You'll see a hole in the floor of one of the alcoves. (There's a tunnel entrance behind the other one that leads to the King's Tomb but we'll arrive there another way.) Sink a rope arrow into the ceiling above the hole, climb down the rope and into the lower levels of the crypt.

Climb down one of the ladders, filch a pink gem (+100 = 650) from the coffin in the center of the room then climb back up the ladder and go through the north door into another round room. Turn to the right, take a green LC vase (+20 = 670) from beside a coffin then climb down to the main floor and go through the north doorway.

Turn left at the corner and jump over a lava stream. You'll have to time the jump carefully so you can avoid the energy balls being shot out of 2 masks as well as making sure there are no zombies nearby on the other side. There are several zombies here – it’s still possible to Ghost if you crouch, hide in the shadows along the way, and time your movements to when their backs are turned (they’ll usually walk right by).

Turn right at the corner and walk to the next intersection. There's a gold goblet (+25 = 695) sitting on the coffin at the end of the short passageway on the left. At the end of the main passageway, there's an urn (+20 = 715) sitting on a coffin. Turn to the right and frob an unlit torch on the wall. You've just found Secret #3! The coffin at the west end of this passageway will slide aside and there's a gold urn (+100 = 815) in the chamber behind it. Return to the lava, jump across, walk east and turn left into a chamber where you'll see 3 skulls displayed on an altar. Read the scroll that is lying on the floor by the dead Hammer guard and you'll see that there's a key concealed in here but, as he found out the hard way, touching the wrong skull is a BIG mistake. Frob the red skull and it will disappear in a puff of smoke, exposing the Mausoleum key.

Continue along the hallway and down the steps on the left into another room. Go around behind the coffin and look for a button on the wall. Push it and you've revealed Secret #4. The top of the coffin will slide open and inside you'll find 4 rope arrows.

South of this room the corridor is split by another small lava river. Save here as the next part is a bit tricky. The corridor is trapped once you step past the very first section right beside the lava flow. You need to run along the corridor, pick up a gold goblet (+25 = 840) and Mausoleus's Right Arm from a ledge on the right-hand side and get to the end before the left wall moves in close enough to crush you.

When you reach the end, climb a ladder and you'll be on a ledge above a large lake of lava that is patrolled by 2 fire elementals. Dispose of them with water arrows and walk south. Turn right (W) at the corner and you'll come to another small river of lava with energy balls shooting above it. Jump over it, take a gold goblet (+25 = 865) from a ledge on the right beside the inert zombie then continue along the corridor.


Crypt of the Forgotten King

You are now outside the doors to the Crypt of the Forgotten King (Fig.28). Pick up a silver statue (+15 = 880) from the top coffin to the left of the doors.

Enter, and to the right is the coffin of the King's elder son (Fig.29) where you'll see a water arrow lying on the floor. The statue standing near the entry says "From the earth this statue is carved and dedicated to the Forgotten King's Elder son."

Opposite this room is the tomb of the Forgotten King's younger son. Take the moss arrow that's lying in front of his coffin, then frob the statue to read the inscription "May the Forgotten King's younger son find peace in the eternal lake of the afterlife."

Shoot the statue with a water arrow and the coffin lid will open. Look inside and you'll find an amulet (+100 = 980). Loot objective complete!

Go back to the elder son's statue and shoot it with the moss arrow. The lid of his coffin will also open and inside is the King's Crystal Sceptre. Pick it up and then walk along the centre passageway towards the King's coffin. Grab 2 gold goblets (+50 = 1030) from a ledge on the left along the way. "Use" the Crystal Sceptre to unlock the coffin lid and inside you'll find the King's Heart Ward.

Return to the hallway, jump back over the lava stream and return to the big lava lake cave. Walk down the section of broken bridge to the edge of the lava and you'll see some fire arrows on a ledge on the far side.

Jump over to the rock in the middle of the lava and put a rope arrow into the section of bridge that is to the right of you. Jump from it to the ledge, grab the arrows then jump back to the rope and climb it to the bridge.

You'll see a dead Hammer and a dead Haunt lying on the ground in front of a big metal door. Read the scroll that is beside one of the bodies then flip a lever on the wall to lift the door and enter the hallway beyond. Walk along it and turn right into a spider tunnel. You'll find Mausoleus's Left Arm suspended in a big spider web in the cave at the end. Gather up some moss arrows, a couple of spider eggs and a goblet (+30 = 1060) from the ground then return to the main tunnel and continue on.

There's a coffin in the second alcove on the right that has been broken open. If you look carefully, you'll find a gold coin (+20 = 1080) sitting on the edge of it. At the end of the passageway, you'll walk out into a large room and find the body of Brother Onam lying on the ground. Pick up Onam's Scroll, which is lying beside him and read it. Objective complete! The scroll mentions a ward that deactivates some traps in the Mausoleum. Luckily, you already have it in your possession.


St. Basmus' Tomb

Crawl through a hole in the east wall into the tomb of St. Basmus. There's a small gold hammer (+75 = 1155) inside the coffin with the skeleton and a gold statue (+75 = 1230) in an alcove on the back wall of the room. Look at the ceiling and you'll see a wooden beam that crosses the room. Sink a rope arrow into it and jump onto the roof above the coffin. Pick up a silver statue (+15 = 1245) then leave the tomb and return to the room where you found Onam.


The Mausoleum

Cross to the west side where you'll see a set of double doors that leads into the tomb of Mausoleus. Use the Mausoleum key on the lockbox to the left then flip the lever beside it to open the doors and enter. Climb the stairs, stopping to pick up a broadhead that's lying on them on the way and enter the room at the top. If you had tried to enter here without the Ward, the statues on each level would shoot energy balls at you but with it, they aren't operational. You're still not home free, though. The tomb is guarded by some very nasty fellows that you'll need to deal with or sneak by. They are vulnerable to the usual weapons that damage the undead so they're not too hard to dispatch. It’s also possible to Ghost the tower, as we’ll see.

There's a gold statue (+75 = 1320) sitting on one of the coffins. Hide under the stairs to the South and wait until both Haunts are standing in the main chamber, then head up to the next floor. Just to your right before you enter the room, there’s a break in the wall where you can hide. Wait for the patrolling Haunt to leave, and the posted one to turn his back. Then work your way around the room by crouching and mantling over the coffins in a clockwise direction (just watch out for that patrolling Haunt to return). Pick up 2 small grey urns (+40 = 1360) and a gold statue (+75 = 1435). Climb the stairs to the third level and enter the passageway to the main room. Pick up a vase (+50 = 1485) from a small alcove on the right then go into the main room and gather up 2 vases (+100 = 1585) and a purple urn (+100 = 1685).

Climb the last flight of stairs to the top level. There's an alcove on the right-hand side of the passageway where you can acquire 2 gold hammers (+150 = 1835) then look into the main room. It appears to be unguarded but don't be fooled. As soon as you set foot in the room, Mausoleus will make a brief appearance to defend what is his. Just take a step over the threshold then crouch and move back into the alcove off of the passageway to avoid being hurt. Once he disappears, he won't come back. If you look up, you'll see the Orb of St. Basmus floating above the central statue but don't bother with it just yet.

(If you are playing version 1.0 of T2X, there's a small bug in the mission that will send the Orb back here when you incinerate Mausoleus' body parts so you'll have to come back here no matter what.) Go over to the altar behind the statue and pick up Mausoleus's Skull .

If you are playing version 1.1, (and why wouldn’t you?) shoot a rope arrow into the rafters and grab the Orb.


Disposing of Mausoleus

Jump out the window to the Northeast, climb down the tree, and go down the main stairs back into the Mausoleum.

Open the double doors in the north wall that lead to the incinerator, enter and pull the big red-topped lever to open the metal door. Drop all 5 body parts on the shelf then push the right-hand button on the wall to light the fire. The body parts will be destroyed and so will Mausoleus, for good this time. Objective complete!

Now all that's left to do is to get the heck out of this creepy place! Go up the east stairs, through the double doors and up the stairs into the grounds around the Mausoleum. Walk down the west stairs, through the double doors and into the Church yard.

Head through the tunnels back to the point where you began the mission.

Mission Complete!