m01: Unexpected..
m02: Trials
m03: City Sleeps
m04: Shadowing
m05: Redistribution
m06: A Question..
m07: Down Among..
m08: Deception
m09: Into the Fray
m10: Of Ill Repute
m11: Grand Hotel
m12: The Cure
m13: Betrayal
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Walkthrough - Mission 13


Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List


You begin the mission inside Malak’s mansion with the weapons and the loot (+1574) from the previous mission in your inventory. In front of you is a large red teleport field. Don't go through it just yet, but have a look around first to see if you can find any useful items. There’s a letter lying on the floor in the SE corner of the room by a puddle of water. Read it and you’ll find that Malak has been using Zaya all along to achieve his own ends. Pick up the slowfall potion lying beside it then go over and pick up the water arrow from the other puddle. Walk east along the hallway and turn right into a small room where you’ll find a locust hive lying on the floor.

Open the front doors and have a look around the garden and you’ll discover 2 spider eggs, 2 healing fruits and another locust hive. You can’t get out onto the street though, so head back inside. There’s nothing useful upstairs so guess it’s time to brave the teleport field.

Step through and you arrive on a balcony just in time to see a huge creature of some sort jump from the balcony and run off. Walk over and pick up a slowfall potion that is sitting near the west door then use it to jump to the lower balcony. Wait for the guards below to settle down then use the second slowfall to get down to the ground. If the guards spot you, just run out and jump into the river.

Climb out on the far side and jump into the well. The water is very murky, but if you scour the bottom you’ll find 2 gold coins (+40 = 1614). Climb out and walk south through the hole in the brick wall.

Approach the injured Pagan and he and Zaya will carry on a conversation. At the end, you will receive a new objective to destroy the Scales. Pick up the note from Viktoria and read it.

The hole in the brick wall has disappeared but no matter because you have other things to concern you. Jump into the pool of water, scoop up a water arrow and swim through a passageway. Climb out into another cave where you will find a moss arrow, 2 locust hives and a note dropped by Malak.

Walk south and you’ll emerge into a large open area which is patrolled by an apebeast and an insect creature. Turn right and follow the edge of the river as far as you can. Pick up a gas arrow  tucked away here then cross the bridge. You can pick up a moss arrow from the ground near the tree in the SE corner.

Walk north from this point and into a passageway that winds up through the rocks. You’ll emerge onto a path that goes under a waterfall and eventually through another tunnel. Just before entering it, check the ground to your left for a rope arrow. Read the parchment lying on the ground at the far end then continue walking along the ledges which get progressively higher and higher.

At the top, walk through another tunnel and you’ll enter a cave with a lava lake at the bottom of a deep abyss and a small cave that’s been used for camping beside a large waterfall. Walk all the way round until you are west of the waterfall and above it, then use an ice arrow to make a platform on top of the waterfall. Jump to the ice then carefully slide down into the campsite. Grab 2 fire arrows from the fire and a handful of loose coins (+75 = 1689) from the ground. Jump into the water and pick up a water arrow from the bottom then climb out onto the edge. Go around to the east side and step down onto a narrow rock ledge. At the far end mantle up to a rock shelf, and then mantle back up onto the pathway.

Walk back along the pathway past the falls, go through a short tunnel and into Malak’s lair (beware of the bug beast patrolling here). Turn right into the first room and and rope arrow up into the rafters. Crawl through the hole in the west wall and drop down into Malak’s room where you can read his journal. Take the healing potion that is lying beside it, gather up 2 broadheads from the bed and another that is sitting on top of the east bookcases then open the chest to acquire Malak’s key. Walk down the stairs, through the next 2 rooms and turn right along the hallway. It ends in a room with a hatch in the floor. Use Malak’s key on the lockbox beside it to open it then jump down into the tunnel below. (Don’t worry, you won’t hurt yourself even though it looks rather steep.)

At the bottom swim through the stream into a cave occupied by Malak and the demon along with a couple of apebeasts. Very quickly jump out of the water and run into the cave to the left and grab the Scales. You can easily dodge Malak’s attacks. Run back and jump into the water. Hide behind the tree to avoid being hurt while the demon destroys Malak. Objective Complete!

If you’ve found the time to look around during all of this, you might have noticed a water arrow lying on the ground over in the NE corner of the clearing. Throw the scales into the lava and the demon will be destroyed.


Mission Complete!