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Walkthrough - Mission 8

The Art Of Deception

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List


You begin the mission in Zaya's room. Check your inventory and you'll find a note from Malak. Read it and you'll see he has provided you with another piece of the elemental catalyst. It now transforms moss arrows into Confusion arrows which will cause the target to become belligerent and angry towards any creature in his path. Hmm! That could come in handy! You also have a note for High Priest Cavador, which you need to leave on his desk.


The Goodie Bag

The first order of business is to plant the Orb of St. Basmus in the Goodie Bag, a store that is a front for the smugglers nefarious business. Grab a flashbomb from the table nearby, climb up onto the window ledge then jump to the flat rooftop opposite. Head through the door, up a short flight of stairs, through another door and onto a balcony where you'll overhear a conversation taking place on the street below. When it's over open the other door, go through it, and go down the stairs into a room where you can take 2 goblets (+30) from the fireplace mantle. Watch for the guard patrolling here – you can avoid him by turning the lights off.

Go outside and follow the street until you pass a tower with blue-lit windows on the left. Just past it is a grey wall. Mantle up to the top of it and you'll be in a small garden were you can acquire a moss arrow. At the south end, shoot a rope arrow into the wooden balcony opposite, climb onto it and go over to a boarded up door. Pick it open, duck under the board, enter the apartment and read the scroll on the floor written by Big Willy the Adventurer. Frob the bookcase nearby and it will move aside revealing a small green safe. You've just found Secret #1! Pick open the safe and you'll pick up a purse (+50 = 80) then go back out onto the balcony. Walk down the stairs and in under the steps where you'll find a chest that contains some water arrows.

Head northeast towards the building with a white and wood upper floor (the one where you began the mission) and turn left (N) along that building. At the corner, turn right and walk along the wall of the same building until you're opposite an open upstairs window. Sink a rope arrow into the piece of wood that is protruding from the wall to the right of the open window. Jump onto the ledge, retrieve your rope arrow and go through the window into a room. Read the note on the table, and you will learn this room belongs to someone by the name of Londo. Open the box on the table to find a gold coinstack (+60 = 140) then grab a goblet (+15 = 155) from the bedside table and climb back out of the window you used before.

Drop back down to the street and look for a piece of wood jutting out to the left of the window. Sink a rope arrow into the end of it, climb the rope then jump from the rope across to the red roof of the building opposite (SW). Climb to the flat top of the roof (it's not easy but you can do it) and you'll drop into an opening. Pick up a gas arrow then climb down the ladder into a room below. You've just found Secret #2! Read a note, a book and grab an EMP grenade from the workbench then climb back up to the roof.

Drop back down to the wooden balcony below the east side of the roof and jump from there to the street below. Walk south through an archway and turn left up a set of stairs. Keep an eye out for a man dressed in green who walks the streets in this area. He's wearing a purse (+25 = 180) that I'm sure he won't miss.

You're now in the town Market Square, which is patrolled but not too heavily. (You aren't allowed to attack the smugglers in this mission but you can blackjack the town guards and pedestrians.) Sneak over to the doorway lit by two torches on the east side of the marketplace and go in. There’s a guard patrolling in here so be careful. Make your way through the rooms to the one with the stairs leading to the second-floor. Grab a vase (+50 = 230) then go up the stairs and through the only door into a small bedroom. Take some water arrows from the chest and pick up a flashbomb from the floor by the bedside table then open the east door and go out onto a balcony.

Below you on the street are some of the smugglers who are carrying on a conversation in front of The Goodie Bag. Wait till they're done and move off on their patrols, then shoot a moss arrow onto the roof opposite and jump over onto it. Drop down onto the balcony below the southeast corner and go through a door. Objective complete!

You can't attack any of the smugglers or even been seen by them so you'll have to ghost this part of the mission. Behind the counter where you'll find a cash box that holds a gold coinstack (+50 = 280). Wait here in the dark until he's entered the room and left again. Follow him out and quickly go down the stairs to the basement storeroom.

"Use" The Orb of St. Basmus on the chest that is sitting against the south wall. Objective complete! While you're here, you may as well help yourself to some of their swag so pick up a green rolled tapestry (+150 = 430) that's tucked in behind the paintings to the right of the chest and take a spice bag (+40 = 470) from the box that's sitting on the floor underneath the shelves.

Mount the stairs when the guard is in the east hallway and slip back into the shop and out onto the balcony. Turn left down the passage, climb through the east window, jump onto the barrels and boxes below and then down to the street. Go through the door that is straight ahead and make your way through the rooms to an area full of ruined buildings. This will look familiar as you came through here when you were following the smugglers after they left the train.

There's a smuggler standing by the fire in the first building on the left so make sure you stay out of his sight. (If you're brave enough to try to sneak into the building without being noticed, you can take a fire arrow from the fire.) Go round behind the last building to the east and collecta Concealment potion from thechest. Return to the street, rope up to the window above the barrels and boxes and walk out onto the open wooden section where you dropped down from the roof on the way in. Stand on the railing and mantle back up onto the roof.

Walk to the north side, turn right and walk along the narrow piece of the roof around to the back the building where there's an open window. Climb into what looks like an old storage room and open a chest to find some water arrows.

Get back onto the narrow roof and slide down onto the barrel below, and then to the street. Wait until the way is clear, then walk west and turn to the right. There is a dark doorway you can duck into while the guards are passing. Walk around the corner from it and down towards the Smugglers Cave sign. Turn left (N) and you'll come out into the area in front of the train station.

Pick three healing fruit from the grassy area north of the station doors, then sink a rope arrow into one of the wooden roof supports above the front doors. Climb up and pluck a gas arrow from the ledge. Cross the square to the Information building, enter and look under the desk. You'll find a gold coinstack (+50 = 520) in a cash box.

Retrace your steps back to the dark doorway northeast of the Goodie Bag's front door, making sure you stay out of sight. If any of the smuggler's spot you, the jig's up. When the street is clear, dash out through the archway by the Fish Market and you'll be back in the Market square.


The Secret Entrance

Walk back down the stairs in the SW corner and go through the first archway on the right. Walk straight ahead (N) just a bit then turn left (W) and walk through a tunnel. (This will look familiar as you've been here before.) Continue walking west in under a wooden balcony and then turn right. You'll see 2 barrels below a wall. Climb onto a barrel, up onto the wall, walk across the garden and jump to the street below. You're back beside the tower with the blue-lit windows.

Turn left (W) then right (N) at the corner. Stay to the right and you'll come to a short flight of stairs. Climb them and hug the wall to the right. Go round the corner and into the small alcove on the right with the turbine. Open the toolbox and pick up a concealment potion.

Retrace your steps down the short flight of stairs under the wooden balcony and turn right (W) at the next corner (watch out for patrolling hammers in this area). There's a guard standing in the corner at the end of this street but it's pretty well lit so douse the torches then sneak up on him and grab his healing potion. Walk north and rope arrow up to the flat roof on the right at the next corner. Reach inside the open window and pick up a flashbomb from the table then jump back down into the street and cross to the garden beside the canal.

Pick up 2 moss arrows from the north alcove then look across the canal. You'll see a couple of gas arrows in an alcove in the wall at the SE end of the canal. Use an ice arrow or two to make it across the water and add them to your inventory. Jump into the water, swim up the small waterfall to the top where you'll see 3 water arrows. Come back down and swim through the passageway at the north end of the canal and up into a machinery room where you'll find a moss arrow lying on the floor.

Go through the door and out into the sewers. Walk west past the short corridor that is occupied by a small white spider then turn right (N) at the next corner. Through a doorway on your left is a large machinery room. Open the toolbox to find a concealment potion then cross the metal bridge (a few moss arrows here are helpful.) and you'll find a gold coinstack (+25 = 545) on a table beside a couple of letters. The door in this room leads out into the main sewers but if you go that way you'll have to sneak past a big robot and you'll miss some other loot and equipment, so return through the sewers and swim back out to the canal instead.

Climb up the ladder back into the garden and walk east. Turn left (N) at the corner then left (W) at the next corner. Enter the small house here and take a vase (+50 = 595) from a table. Return to the street and walk east. You'll see 2 open windows high in the wall to your left. Rope arrow up to each of them and you'll be able to open 2 chests which contain broadheads and water arrows.

Go round the corner beyond this building and follow the street to where you'll see a woman and child standing with a Hammerite. Let the conversation take place and they will move off then you can go through the section of street and turn left through an archway. Go up the ramps and you'll be in the Cathedral grounds.

Walk west along the street in front of the Cathedral and turn south down the street that is directly across from the front doors. You'll come to a sewer hatch. Open it, climb down into a small section of sewers. At the far end, you'll find the remains of Big Willy, who apparently met with an unfortunate accident, as well as a gas arrow and a purse (+25 = 620). Climb back up to the street, walk back to the front of the Cathedral and jink west then north along the side of the Cathedral.

You'll pass under some pipes that run over the street. Take the next left and you'll come to another sewer hatch. Open it, climb down and walk to the corner, Beware of the patrolling burrick, though! Turn left (E) at the corner then left again and go through a metal door. Follow the passageway to the far end, fish a couple of water arrows out of the water trough on the right and climb a ladder to a sewer hatch. Open it and walk to the far east end of the courtyard where you'll find a chest under the arches.

Open it to add an EMP grenade to your arsenal then return to the hatch and climb back down to the sewers. There is a section of wall to the north that has a red hammer painted beside it. Frob the section of wall beside it to open the hidden entrance into the Cathedral. Objective complete!

Follow the passageway to the base of a flight of stairs. Frob the lever to your left which will open a door at the top of the stairs. Ascend and go through into a sitting room.


The Cathedral

Read the book on the table to find out some interesting information about Elementals then pick up the goblet (+15 = 635) beside it. There are two hammers patrolling down here so observe their patrol patterns from the doorway for a minute. Leave the room and go through the archway opposite into a hallway. The first room is a small library where you can pick up 3 gold candlesticks (+ 60 = 695) from the tables. Loot objective complete! Walk through the next room and out into a hallway. Go through the door at the west end into a small dining room, where you can acquire 8 gold goblets (+80 = 775). The glass doors take you back out into the main foyer.

Climb the stairs to the first landing and then take the left (W) flight to the upper floor. In the first room, you can add a vase (+20 = 795) to your loot. South of this room is another small library room, where you can pick up a goblet (+20 = 815) and 2 gold candlesticks (+40 = 855). Go back out to the sitting room, turn right along the balcony and walk up a short flight of stairs to a landing then turn right and go up another set of stairs. Turn left and enter the room of High Priest Cavador.

"Use" the note for High Priest Cavador on the desk. Objective complete! Read his diary, which is sitting on his bedside table and pick up a gold wine bottle (+20 = 875) and a goblet (+15 = 890). Exit through the east door into another hallway. The room opposite is the bathroom, but there's nothing of value in there so go down the stairs.

The first bedroom belongs to Brother Davis. Open the box concealed under his desk to find a bag of spice (+40 = 930). Brother Marcus's room holds a gold candlestick (+20 = 950) and a pile of coins (+10 = 960). In the last room, which belongs to Brother Theodor, you'll find a silver candlestick (+10 = 970) sitting on the desk and a gold wine bottle (+20 = 990) and a gold goblet (+10 = 1000) lying on the floor beside the bed.

You're done here so head down to the foyer and go through the double doors into a courtyard. To your east is a small garden with a large statue in the middle of it. Check the grass here to find a moss arrow and some healing fruit then pick up a gas arrow from behind the statue. Inside the small guard house to the west is a lever which will open the big gate that leads out into a courtyard which you've been in before. Cross to the sewer hatch in the SW corner, climb down to the passageway below. You'll be outside the secret door that you used to enter the Hammerite compound. Walk back along the corridor and through the door to the sewers. Turn right, then right again and climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel. Sneak back out past the Cathedral to the city streets.

There's only one way to go until you come to the small house where you found a vase earlier in the mission. After you've passed it, walk south to the garden beside the canal. Turn left (S), go around a corner and then turn right (S). At the next corner, turn left (E) and walk past the tower with the blue-lit windows. Follow the street to the courtyard where 2 men are standing and go through the door in the building beyond them. Climb the stairs, go through the room at the top and out the door to the balcony. Cross it, go through the other door, down a couple of stairs and through a door back out onto a flat rooftop. Climb onto the edge in the SE corner, jump over to the window ledge opposite and re-enter Zaya's room. Mission complete!

Mission Complete!