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Walkthrough - Mission 5

The Redistribution Game

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your hairpin lockpick.

Loot Map & List

You begin the mission in a tunnel. Walk along it and turn left at the corner. You'll emerge in an open space with a waterfall to your left. Swim across the river to the far side where you'll find a water arrow in the corner of the right hand patch of snow. Swim back across under the waterfall to a storage shed. Open the chest to acquire a pile of coins (+75) then Jump back into the water, swim east through the tunnel and you'll emerge into a larger cave. Stop in the shadows and an archer will show up and have a conversation with the man standing on the bridge.
First Objective Complete!

Climb out of the water onto the shore and sneak along behind the man patrolling the docks until you're close enough to grab his purse (+80 = 155). If you look north of the tunnel exit you will see a blue glow. There are a couple of crystal shards (+65 = 220) on the shelf below with the barrel and boxes. You can get there by run/jumping across the river, or by using an ice arrow to make a stepping-stone.

When you have the shards, push the big barrel close to the higher ledge then stand on it to climb up. Walk along the ledge and around the outside of the first part of the building. Climb onto the ledge around the tower with the flat top, and then up onto the rock shelf to your left to pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 270). Drop back down onto the tower ledge and follow it south to the far end where you can drop down onto the balcony of the main building.

The south door opens into a tower room. Open the chest here (Fig.5) to find a flat-toothed lockpick, then return to the balcony and go through the north door. Pick up 2 silver candlesticks (+70 = 340) from a table then read the book sitting nearby. Take a flashbomb from the top of one of the bookshelves then open the door and hide in the shadows.

When the way is clear, turn right and go through the first door on the right. Turn left, pick open the door and go down the steps. Read the scroll on the ledge to find out that this is the room of Grissam, the Free Traders' Second in Command.
Objective complete!

Take 2 silver coinstacks (+24 = 364) from the shelf and grab a silver candlestick (+35 = 399) from the desk. The desk drawers contain a gold wine bottle (+50 = 449) and a bottle of healing oil. There's a purple urn (+100 = 549) on the bedside table.

Leave this room and walk along the hallway, which ends at a set of stairs leading down to a room with a well in the center. Turn left along the balcony and take a pink gem (+100 = 649) from the statue in the alcove. Go down the stairs and in underneath. Remove the stack of boxes and crawl through the hole behind. You've just found Secret #1! There's a silver statue (+15 = 664) and 2 gold coins (+40 = 704) lying on the floor.

Pick up a water arrow from the edge of the well, douse a couple of torches and sneak along the north wall behind the guard who is standing in the hallway. Go into the machinery room where you can pick up a moss arrow from the floor. Leave the room by the other door (S) which leads into the dining room. Pick up a silver statue from the shelf in the southeast corner (+15 = 719) and collect the red rolled tapestry leaning up against the shelf to the right (+150 = 869). Loot Objective Complete!

Open the other door, extinguish the torch in the hallway then lean out and look to the left. When the guard is facing the other direction, scoot across the hallway and into the kitchen. Pick up two bags of spice (+ 80 = 949) that are sitting to the right of the first fireplace (make sure to get both – they’re hard to see) and grab a gold wine bottle (+50 = 999) from the shelf. Go back out into the hallway, turn left (S) and walk up a couple of steps to the foyer. Slide into the shadows over by the gate and listen to the conversation between the two guards up on the balcony. When they're done continue south, up some stairs and take the map of the hideout that is posted on the wall. Objective complete!

Continue up the stairs into a hallway, then creep over and snatch a purse (+15 = 1014) from the guard. When he's facing away from you, sneak into the hallway to the right and through the door to the left of the window into an office. There's nothing of value in here so go through the other door into the barracks.

Open the first chest on the right and inside you'll find a sharp toothed lockpick. That might come in handy! Check out the shelves to the left of the door, and you'll find a rope arrow, a flashbomb, a goblet (+30 = 1044) and a locked briefcase. Use your flat toothed lock pick to open it and inside you'll find a mask (+50 = 1094). Pick open the locked chest on the right to find a gold coinstack (+25 = 1119), then take the silver statue (+15 = 1134) that's lying on the floor by the bunk opposite.

Read the book inside the chest on the left and you'll find out who is the leader of the Free Traders. Objective complete!

Open the west door and flip the switch on the wall to the left to turn off the hallway light. Head to the right, down the stairs and you'll be outside the kitchen door. Go through the door, turn left and open the end door. Check to make sure the guard in the hallway is facing away from you then creep back across to the dining room. Exit through the other door, cross the hallway and go through the small machinery room and out the other doorway, checking first to make sure the guard is facing away from you. Enter the well room, go up the stairs and turn left. Open the door to the balcony above the central hall, wait until the way is clear and turn left. Walk around to the north side and go through the archway on the left.

Turn to the right, then left and take a gold statue (+75 = 1209) from a shelf. Go back past the archway then through the archway at the west end and up a set of stairs. Read the notice stuck on the wall beside the door and you'll find out that these rooms belong to Capt. Feredoc, the leader of the Free Traders.

Pick open the door (you'll have to use all 3 lockpicks), go in and have a look around. Hide behind the boxes from the patrolling smuggler if need in between lockpicking. Help yourself to 2 gold coinstacks (+50 = 1259) then open the safe and inside you'll find a silver coinstack (+35 = 1294). Read the Note to Neeson that is sitting on the table to find out about the Hammers.
Objective complete!

Return to the balcony above the central hall and walk east. Go downstairs to the main foyer and over into the right-hand hallway where you can pick up a gold urn (+100 = 1394) from a table (watch out for the counter-clockwise patrolling archer here). Walk to the end (W) of the hallway, turn left (S) and then right. You'll be in the front entry way. Walk around to the far side, flip the lever on the wall and open the front gate. Wait for the guard who is patrolling the dock to get to the far end of his patrol and slip into the water. Swim over into the same passageway you used to enter this area then climb out on the left-hand (S) side.

Walk towards the open area and when the guard who patrols the waterfront is walking away from you, slip across and into the tunnel. Turn right at the corner and as you walk along towards the spot where you began the mission, it will end.

Mission Complete!