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Walkthrough - Mission 3

While The City Sleeps

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your hairpin lockpick.

Loot Map & List


You begin in a city street and your task this time is to enter the locked Market district and find Kedar's shop. Walk north and look to your left. You'll see a gas arrow sitting on a ledge at the far side of a small body of water. Looks impossible to get, doesn't it? Check your inventory for a note from Malak for a clue about how to get it. Use the Elemental Catalyst in your inventory to turn your water arrows into ice arrows. Shoot one or two on the water to make ice stepping-stones so you can get close enough to the ledge to grab the gas arrow. Then jump into the water to pick up a water arrow from the bottom (Don't forget to change your arrows back to water form when necessary or you'll get a shock next time you try to put out a torch!) Climb back up to the street and head east.

Follow the streets past the Mechanist church and you'll eventually come to a place with a curfew notice where you can choose from two different streets. The north route takes you to a canal with a wooden walkway along it and eventually meets up with the other street again at Dunny's Coffees. Cross the bridge here and continue on to the locked Market gate. You can get through the gate by watching the guard punch in the code to let another guard through. After that the guards will leave to get coffee and you can use a broadhead to move the lever up high on a ledge, which opens the panel over the buttons. Punch in the code (4177) and the gate will open. That's one way into the Market district but I prefer another way.

Stop on the wooden walkway along the canal by the gap in the railings, jump in and look for a water arrow and take note of a skull lying on the bottom as well. Where's the rest of this guy?? Climb back out onto the walkway, look up above the south arch and you'll see the underside of the eave on this building is wood. (Save here because it can be hard to hit the eave.) Beware of the paranoid peasant – she’ll go into alert mode if she sees you draw your bow. Shoot a vine arrow up, climb it and jump onto the flat roof to the right (W). There's the rest of the skeleton and beside it, you'll find one of the quote scrolls (Labeled as a suicide note) in this mission pack.

Retrieve your vine arrow, jump into the canal and climb out onto the walkway again. Shoot an ice arrow onto the water so you can mantle up onto the ledge along the east side of the canal and climb in the window.

Market District

You'll find yourself in the office of City Watch Corporal Martin. Read the note on the desk, pick up the "Sewer" key as well as a gold candlestick (+50) and look in the desk for a silver statue (+15 = 65) then climb out the east window. Turn around and mantle up onto the rooftop above Corporal Martin's rooms – this can be tough, so stand directly in front of the flat part of the slanting eave (right beside the window) and mantle up. Pick up the gas arrow here and you'll have found Secret #1. Jump back down to the lower roof, walk towards the opening on the south side and you'll have entered the Market area. Objective Complete!

Straight ahead of you, on the other side of a canal, you can see a chest sitting on a porch by the water. Hop down to the pipes and use ice arrows to make platforms to jump across to the porch, where you'll find a silver nugget (+50 = 115). Now venture out onto the street and relieve the patrolling guard of a purse (+100 = 215).

Before you go exploring, vine arrow up onto the roof of the wooden porch at the edge of the water then shoot a vine arrow into the west wooden roof support of the building opposite. Climb up so you can see onto that flat rooftop and you can add a gold goblet (+25 = 240) to your loot bag.

The Anvil of Crom Weapons Shop

Head south through an archway and rope arrow up onto a wooden porch roof facing you. From here you can jump to the ledge to the east, which is above the Anvil of Crom Weapon Shop. Make your way to the end and jump in through the red-curtained window. Open the door, walk straight ahead and frob the unlit wall torch to trigger Secret #2. A door opens in the wall to your right and once you go through, you're inside the Weapons Shop, which is apparently being robbed. Sit tight, wait for them to leave and let the guards deal with them. There's a sword (+50 = 290) inside one of the chests and a water arrow in the other one. Help yourself to some broadheads that are stuck in the edge of the loft and use one to hit the archery target on the wall to find Secret #3 . The wall safe in the store below will open. The safe holds a couple of flashbombs and some healing oil. There are 2 fire arrows tucked in beside the explosive barrels sitting in the corner. The cash box has already been emptied so that's it for in here. Climb back up the ladder, go through the secret door and straight ahead through the north door into the Fine Dining Shop. Take 3 china plates (+30 =320) that are displayed on the wall, 2 gold plates (+50 = 370) and a gold goblet (+25 = 395) from the shelves and go into the next room. Climb the ladder up to the loft, unlock the wall grate and enter the passageway. Open the chest to your right and you'll add a mine to your inventory. Return to the machine room and continue on through into another room where you can pick up a purple urn (+100 = 495).

Jump out the window onto some pipes and walk across them to the garden opposite. Crawl through an open window into the upper floor of Ralkavien's Family Jewels. Steal a ring (+60 = 555) from a box and walk down to the main floor. Open the safe and inside you'll find a blue gem (+100 = 655), a purse (+50 = 705) and a tiara (+125 = 830). Leave the building through the East upstairs window, turn right and pick a moss arrow up from under a plant. At the south end, you'll find yourself facing the Hammerites' Craft Center. Jump onto the pipes to your left (use the moss arrow on them to avoid alerting the Hammer guard outside), cross them, open the hatch in the wall and enter.

(If you have trouble making the jump to the pipes, just drop into the water below and swim over to the building. Underwater, you'll find a lockbox that will open a grate. Swim through and you'll be inside. Doing it this way, you will definitely alert the guard though. A third way in is to take the "Hammerite Craft Center" key from the guard out front and just go through the door.)

The Hammerite Crafts Center

There's a statue (+15 = 845) locked in the chest in the upstairs room you enter from the pipes. Help yourself to it, then go through the rooms and down stairs to the main floor. Walk back alongside the stairs and take a gold hammer (+75 = 910) from a chest then go through into the main entry. Jump into the water, pick up a water arrow then climb out and go into the back room. Here you'll find instructions on how to make an object and another note saying that they need to make a replacement lever for the Market Square shops. Interesting! Pick up the mould, take it into the forge room, put the mould on the base then use one lever to close it and the other to pour the molten metal. Once the process is complete, open the mould and pick up a "Mysterious Lever".

Return to the stairs and go all the way to the top. In the machinery room to the left, there's a flashbomb lying in between two of the turbines. Grab it then go out onto the window ledge at the top of the stairs. Jump down onto the flat roof to your right (N) and head down through a hole in the roof into a small apartment. Pick up a purse (+60 = 970) from the table then go through into the next room. Mantle up onto the bookcase, crawl out the window and into Milian's Rooftop Cafe. Here you can add a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1020) to your loot bag.

Jump onto the flat rooftop to the southwest, shoot a vine arrow into the beam above the window ahead (SW) (you have a better chance of landing inside the window if you shoot the vine arrow into the flat end of the beam) and jump into an attic room where you'll find a silver statue (+15 = 1035) in a chest. Climb out the east window onto some pipes, turn right and mantle up onto the peaked roof at the end. Drop off the east side onto another set of pipes and jump into the water where you'll find a water arrow sitting on a ledge in the north wall.

Climb the ladder just far enough to jump over to the porch, or simply mantle up from the water (you have to position yourself just right), and open the big chest where you’ll find a spice bag (+60 = 1095). Climb the ladder to the balcony above, pick open the grate in the east wall and proceed through the passageway to a second grate. Pick this open, but beware of the patrolling guard. Check the floor behind the broken table for a blue gem (+100 = 1195) If you’re ghosting – you can put out both torches here, which causes the guard to pause on his patrol, allowing you to sneak behind him and sprint down the hallway to the corner before he sees you.

You'll end up on a small balcony with an open window to your left. Climb through it and into a small apartment where you'll find a silver coinstack (+35 = 1230) in a cash box. Jump out the end (N) window and down to the street.

Sneak through the covered passageway to the south and pick a purse (+80 = 1310) from the patrolling guard. Continue through the archway to the west, turn left and enter a small courtyard.

Turn to the left (E) and you'll find the Turning Key Locksmith Shop. Put out the torch, open the door and peek in. You'll see it's well guarded with a Watcher and turret. Dart over to the far right-hand corner and flip the switch to turn off the Watcher. (There's a light switch but it's behind the door. It is possible to frob it from the doorway and turn off the lights but you have to do it blindly as you can't see it through the door crack.) Pick up the "Market Square Key" from the counter then go around behind and take 3 keys from the board: a second copy of the "Hammerite Crafts Center" key, a second "Sewer" key and the key to the Fish Shop. Up on the ledge there's a silver coinstack (+35 = 1335).

Back outside, enter Macharal's Fine Wines where you can pick up a moss arrow from the floor and a gold wine bottle (+1395) from the shelves. Loot Objective Complete! Next, head over to the Windless City Fish Shop, unlock the door with the key you found at the Locksmith's and go in. There are 2 vine arrows on display by the counter and a cash box that contains a silver coinstack (+12 = 1407). There's also a broadhead arrow stuck in one of the fish on the counter.

That finishes up the shops here so go back through the same street you used to get here past Leslie's Pot House and Jyngernon's Machinery and Gadgetry. Turn into the archway on your left just before you reach The Cheese Bread Shop and you will find yourself outside the Market Shops.

If you're interested in getting all of the loot, take a little detour before entering the shops. Douse the torches, and walk north along the porch, then turn left (W) at the corner then right (N) into the next street. Pass the Green Cyclops Food and Perishables sign, turn left at the next corner and enter Rathran's Paintings and Collectibles on the left. The door is open, the cash box is empty and there's a dead man on the floor, so somebody got here before you did. However, they weren't very thorough. Go into the back room and you'll find a red rolled-up painting (+50 = 1457) sitting on a shelf. (If you're not squeamish, you can collect the broadheads from the dead body.) Now return to the Market Square shops.

Market Shops

There are two ways in. You can go through the front door since you have the key, or you can go through the back gate which opens with the "Mysterious Lever" you made at the Hammerite Crafts Center. Once you're inside, climb the stairs to the landing and go into the shop of Lockraven the Blademaster. He has a vase (+50 = 1507) sitting on a shelf and a silver coinstack (+12 = 1519) in the cashbox. Return to the landing and enter Mort's Pre-need Store. Help yourself to a silver statue (+15 = 1534) and 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 1544) then continue out the other door, across a balcony, through another door and up some stairs to Kedar's shop.

Pick up a silver statue (+15 = 1559) from a bookshelf, a gold candlestick (+50 = 1609) from the counter and a gold statue (+75 = 1684), a purse (+54 = 1738) and a flashbomb from the wall shelves. Flip the lever on the back of the counter to open a small secret compartment and read the note inside to complete the objective to find some information on the smugglers. Now you just need to get out of the Market Square area. That's the easy part from here. Walk down stairs, back through Mort's shop, down to the main floor and into the machinery room around back.

Use the "Sewer" key (there's another copy of it hanging in the wall cabinet here) to unlock the sewer grate. Climb down, head into the sewer pipe and flip a wall lever to open the grate at the end. Turn left (S), then right (W), then right again. Climb the ladder towards the sewer hatch. Mission Complete!

Note: the Stats page will report 5/5 secrets, but in reality there are only the 3 recorded in this walkthrough. The two associated with The Anvil of Crom shop register twice!