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Walkthrough - Mission 9

Into The Fray

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List


You begin the mission in the street. Walk ahead and through the fence to your left you'll see a Hammerite attacking someone. Go through the door and into an area full of ruined buildings that you've been through twice before in other missions. If you check your inventory, you'll see that you still have the weapons and gold (+1000 if you collected it all) that you found in the last mission. Climb onto the roof of the first building, pick up a gas arrow, then enter that building and leave through the door. Go through the other doorway into the second room where you'll find the body of a dead smuggler.

Walk down the ramp in the next room, out through a hole in the wall and you'll find yourself in the tunnels near the smugglers hideout. Go through the opening on the left and start to walk up the tunnel towards a smuggler. There will be a huge explosion in which he will be killed. Walk to the spot where he was standing and look through the crack in the rock. You'll see a huge battle taking place between the smugglers and the Hammerites.

Head through the north tunnel towards the stream. There's more fighting taking place here, so wait in the shadows until it dies down. Beware of the Hammerite archer patrolling here as he's very alert and shoots fire arrows at you if he spots you. You can avoid him by jumping into the water and crossing the river. Head toward the falls and collect the purse (+ 20 = 1020) floating beside the dead archer and a water arrow near him. Directly beneath the falls, pick up a spider egg from the bottom. Climb out on the north bank where you'll find another spider egg and a silver nugget (+50 = 1070) near the falls.

Cross the river to the shack where you’ll find a small statue (+15 = 1085) and a healing potion are lying on the wooden floor. Use a rope arrow to climb to the roof and get the gas crystal stuck to the rock wall. Head East where you’ll see a gold statue (+65 = 1150) in a broken crate. Jump back into the water and swim through the east tunnel.

Take three broadhead arrows that are sticking out of the floating body and watch 2 Hammerites standing on the dock fire a cannon to blow open the gate to the smuggler's hideout. After they run inside, swim over towards the body floating in the NE corner of the bay. It turns out to be Grissam.

Climb out onto the south shore and go through a tunnel into a large open area. Pick up a spider egg that's tucked into the far corner, then pick open the lock beside the gate to open it and enter the building. Stay in the shadows while another fight plays out (You'll encounter fighting fairly often while exploring the building, and you will often be able to collect broadheads that missed their target) then enter, turn right and climb the stairs. Walk through an archway into a hallway, pick up a small white crystal (+ 25 = 1175) from a hole in the floor then turn right and enter the room on the left. Go through the first room and into the barracks, where there's another fight.

After it's over, you can close the trunk that's nearest the door you entered by and you'll pick up a rope arrow. Go over to the shelves and pick up a purple urn (+50 = 1225) and a healing potion. Exit through the door in the west wall, flip the light switch to the left to turn off the hall light, then turn right and go down the stairs.

Cross the flooded hallway and enter the kitchen. Filch 2 copper coinstacks (+10 = 1235) from the shelf on the right and take a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1285) that's been left on the windowsill. Pick up a spice bag (+40 = 1325) that's sitting beside the west fireplace then go through the west door, pick up a water arrow from the floor and continue out into the hallway. Open the door opposite and enter the dining room where you'll find a plate (+10 = 1335) lying in the water beside one of the tables and a spice bag (+40 = 1375) that's sitting beside a canister in an alcove. Pluck a water arrow from the floor and exit through the north door. Follow the hallway to the well room and take a goblet (+15 =1390) and 2 gold plates (+100 = 1490) from inside the crate below the body pinned to the south wall. Crawl in through the hole under the stairs and pick up a moss arrow and 2 spider eggs then go up the stairs.

Walk straight ahead and go past the broken door and down the stairs into Grissam's room. Help yourself to a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1540) that's sitting on the desk then go back up the stairs, along the hallway a little way and turn right. Open a door and you'll emerge onto a balcony. Turn to the left, walk past the first door on the north side and go through the next one. There are 2 fire arrows on the floor of the alcove on the right and a jar (+ 20 = 1560) sitting in a shelf. Walk west along the hallway into the room at the end and climb the stairs to Neeson's quarters.

Pick up and read note to Neeson that's lying on the floor near the bed. Objective complete! Grab the Docks key and a gold goblet (+25 = 1585) that's lying beside the bed then open the safe, which contains a gold coinstack (+100 = 1685). Read another note that's lying on the floor then leave the room and walk down the stairs.

Climb through the broken window on the left, out onto a roof. Jump down onto the big crate and then into the water. Pick up the 2 water arrows from the dry area in the northeast corner then open the chest on the small porch to find a mine. Climb back up onto the large crate and crawl through the opening in the wall and you'll find the smuggler's secret stash! There's a red rolled tapestry (+50 = 1735) propped in the corner and on the table there's a jar (+20 = 1755), a medallion (+100 = 1855), a green gem (+35 = 1890), 2 piles of coins (+100 = 1990) and a necklace (+50 = 2040).

Flip the lever in the east passageway to open a gate and go out into a hallway near the front entrance. Turn left into the front foyer, pick up a fire arrow from behind the statue then climb the stairs to the first landing.

Mantle up onto the south side of the balcony. Walk past the first door, as you've already been in that area, and go through the second door (the one with the note hanging outside). Grab a broadhead arrow that's stuck into a bookcase and a purse (+25 = 2065) that's lying on the floor beside the dead body then go through the door onto the balcony above the front entrance. Pick up a gold goblet (+25 = 2090) and go through the south door into a small tower room where you'll find a moss arrow.

Return to the balcony and climb up on the ledge that's to the left of the other door. Carefully make your way around to another ledge. Mantle up onto it and then up onto the next ledge. You'll be facing a hole in a tower wall. (If you want to add another fire arrow to your arsenal continue around past the hole and down on the stone ledges you can see to the west, where you'll find one in an unlit fire.) Crawl through the hole and rope arrow down into the room below.

There's another copy of the Docks key sitting beside the safe, which contains a silver coinstack (+75 = 2165). Pick up a broadhead arrow that's lying on the floor behind the boxes then climb down through the hole in the floor.

Turn to the left, pick up a spider egg that's lying just to the right then go out onto the docks, where you'll with see Neeson and a Hammerite battling. If the Hammer guard wins and kills Neeson, well and good. If not, you will have to kill him yourself.

Board the ship to the west and go below deck where you can pick up 2 broadheads from the top of a crate. Enter a small office and read a book to discover that this is a slaver ship. Search the desk drawers to find a gem (+35 = 2200) and open the chest to find a water arrow. Return to the docks and aboard the ore freighter to the east, where you can pick up a silver nugget (+50 = 2250).

The last ship (N) is Zaya's. Board it and your last objective is completed.

Mission Complete!