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Walkthrough - Mission 10

...of Ill Repute

Note: All locks that require keys are noted. Everything else is either unlocked or can be opened with your lockpicks.

Loot Map & List


You begin the mission in a street. Walk through the gates ahead of you, turn right and walk west. When you walk between two buildings down the narrow alley. Turn right at the corner of the building and walk into a courtyard with a water trough in the middle. Head through the opening to the west and around to the right of the small tower. To your north you'll see a set of closed gates with a man sleeping on the ground behind them. Sneak over and take the Watchman's Key from his waist.

Walk  back past the gate you came through at the beginning of the mission, then turn left and you'll be facing a set of locked gates. Use the Watchman's Key to unlock them, go through and turn right.

At the end of the street, there's a ladder in the right hand corner. Climb up to a room occupied by a small white spider. Use a vine arrow to get up into the rafters above the chest in the corner and collect 2 spider eggs.

Return to street level and go through the double doors opposite the ladder. Walk west, turn right at the corner, and then left. Continue west past a waterwheel, which is on your right and then take the next turn right into a courtyard with a water trough in the middle. There's a metal door on the left, but before you enter it, walk north down the slope to a wagon. Pick up 2 locust hives from it then return to the metal door.

Enter the building, (watch out for the patrolman down here) go down a ramp and through the large archway on the other side of the room. Turn left, take two water arrows from a diamond-shaped window opening on your left and go through a doorway into the sewers. Use an ice arrow or 2 to cross to the far side. Pick open the metal door, and you'll have found Secret #1! Inside the room there's a moss arrow, a fire arrow, a gold candlestick (+50), a locust hive and a mine.

Climb a ladder at the far end of the room then flip a lever on the wall to open a door which takes you out to street opposite the Brothel's front door. Walk east along the front of the Brothel and go into the Tough Boy Brand armor factory. Carefully pluck a fire arrow from the molten metal in the smelter then take the elevator to the upper level. Help yourself to a healing fruit that's been left on a workbench and take the Arch Store Key that’s sitting beside it. Open the chest to acquire a drill bit (+250 = 300) then use a vine arrow to get up to the wooden shelf that runs around the room. The chest here contains a flashbomb.

Take the elevator back down to the lower level and return to the street. Turn left and walk straight ahead. You'll see a button on the wall with a sign that says "Madame Trixie. Services for the Gentleman". If you push the button, the shutters above will open. (If you want to find a small Easter egg, you can use vine arrows or stack crates to get into her room.)

South of Miss Trixie's is a locked metal door that opens with the Arch Store Key. The chest inside contains a green jar (+50 = 350). In the room next to this one, shoot a vine arrow into the ceiling grate in the southwest corner and climb up to the rafters, where you'll find a gas arrow. Exit through the south door and walk south, past a side door into the brothel that is locked.

At the end of the alley, stay to the left and walk past the Fish Market and around the corner. Follow the street around another corner and you'll be walking west. Just before you walk under a pipe that runs across the street, stop and look up to your left. You'll see a partially open shutter. Sink a vine arrow into the edge of the wooden ledge that runs below the window, climb up then mantle up onto the pipe. You'll be high enough to lean over and reach inside the window to grab a drill bit (+100 = 450). Climb back down to the street and continue on around another corner. Near the end, on the left, you'll see a sign for Pat Pat's Magick's. Reach into the bucket in the doorway and pick up a moss arrow.

Walk back around the corner and mantle up over the wall into the Brothel courtyard. Go over to the windows in the east wall and through one of them, you can see the back end of a burrick. Quietly climb through the window and pick up the Smelly Key from the pile of burrick poop. Yuck! Climb back out into the courtyard and then stand go back into the stables using the window nearest the wall.

Douse the torch, and beware the patrolling archer in this area. Binky the burrick should leave you alone if you don’t antagonize him or try to climb his fence. Go into the shed to the right where you'll find a water arrow hanging on the clothes line. Walk through the metal door to the east into a guardroom where you'll find 3 coins (+60 = 510) lying on a table in the second room. Go back to the empty burrick stall, out through the window and back into the courtyard.

Go in through the door on the porch to the north. Objective complete!

Pick up a gold wine bottle (+50 = 560) from one of the shelves then put out the torch and open the other door. Watch for the guard patrolling around here. You'll see a large woman carrying on a conversation with a man just off the left. Sneak over behind her and grab the Office Key from her waist before she walks away then go through the south doorway and duck into a closet on the left at the base of the stairs. Pick a moss arrow that's hanging from the underside of the stairs then return to the room the lady was standing in and walk along the passageway she had her back to into a coal storage room. Climb up the ladder to a shelf where you'll find a locust hive in between the boxes and jump back down. Walk north through an archway. Over in the right hand corner you'll find a crumpled up note that explains why there was a key in the burrick poop, if you're interested.

Turn to the left (W), go through a door into a storeroom where you can grab a flashbomb from the shelves then ride the elevator in the corner up. Walk up the stairs and look above your head. You'll see a set of shutters in the ceiling. Open them and you've found Secret #2! Use a vine arrow to climb up into the room above and you'll discover you've found a library full of naughty books. Open the box that's sitting under one of the tables to pick up a coin (+20 = 580) and take a water arrow that's sitting at the top of the ladder then drop back down into the hallway. Ride the elevator back down, leave the storeroom and turn left into a small room with a large turbine at the end.

Squeeze along the side of the turbine and flip a switch that's on the pipe in the southeast corner. You just found Secret #3, though you can't tell what it did from here. Leave the room and turn left down the stairs. Go through the door into the basement. (You can also enter here by jumping into the well in the courtyard and swimming through underwater.)

There's a flashbomb in a chest that is hidden behind the big barrels to your left and the metal door in the southeast corner opens into a secret gaming room. Pick up a gold goblet (+25 = 605) and a vase (+50 = 655) then unlock the safe with the Smelly Key. Inside is a bag of loot (+250 = 905). Objective complete!

Leave the basement, turn left at the top of the stairs and go back through the archway into the room with the coal piled on the floor. Crawl through a small hatch in the east wall and read the note beside the electrical switch on the wall. "Please don't touch." That's a challenge if I ever heard one! Flip the switch, wait a few seconds, and the turbine will have a meltdown, shutting off the electricity to the building and sending everyone into a dither. Aren't you glad you never do what you're told? (Warning – don’t do this if you’re ghosting!)

Walk east through a blue-curtained doorway and stop to pick up a silver statue (+15 = 920) from a shelf in the left. (If you continue on through the red curtain and move the boxes blocking the hallway, you'll find somebody's been spying on the girls at their work.) Watch for the patrolling guard in this hallway, and walk north through the other blue-curtained doorway, straight down the hall and into the room on the right (with the sleeping woman). Open the chest to pick up to a tiara (+35 = 955) and take 3 coins (+15 = 970) that have been left on the windowsill. Walk back up the hallway to the corner and turn left. In the first room on the left there is a purse (+25 = 995) tucked away in the chest in the closet and 2 coins (+40 = 1035) sitting on the dresser.

Open the door at the end of the hallway and go through the door opposite. Walk along the hallway and into a staff sitting/dining area. Pick up a pair of earrings (+75 = 1110) from the coffee table.

Walk back out the door and turn right into the front foyer, where you can pick up a pair of spectacles (+50 = 1160) from a table near the doors. Read the guestbook sitting on the same table to find out where Truart is spending the night. Optional objective complete! You'll find a water arrow and a healing oil in the closet to the right of the front doors.

Walk south into the bar and pick up a goblet (+15 = 1175) that's lying on the floor under the northeast table. Go over to the bar counter and help yourself to a purse (+100 = 1275) that somebody's left behind. Go through the door in the south wall (with green curtains) into the back hallway.

The lever you found earlier behind the turbine opened a panel at the east end of this hallway. Inside you'll find a moss arrow, a water arrow and a bag of spice (+40 = 1315).

Return to the bar and go through the archway in the east wall. Turn right, go through a door into a room where a woman is standing by a piano. Take a gold wine bottle (+50 = 1365) from the top of the piano, and a healing oil from the coffee table, then use the Office Key to unlock the Office door and go in. Grab the Hall Key from the desk and take a purse (+100 = 1465) from the safe. Loot objective complete! Go back out to the hallway and climb the stairs to the upper floor.


Upper Floor

Pick up a small gray urn (+20 = 1485) from the right-hand ledge above the stairwell then turn left and open a door in the southeast corner which leads into a bedroom  where you'll find a purse (+100 = 1585) lying on the bedside table. Exit through the other door, snatch a water arrow from a bucket and turn right (N). At the corner, turn left (W) then right (N) at the next corner.

The first door on the right leads into a Hammerite room. Behind it is the storage room where there's a water arrow stored in a chest. Leave the room and continue along the hallway and around the corner. On the right is a set of double doors that lead out to a balcony and on the left is an apebeast room where you'll find a gold nugget (+100 = 1685) hidden in a plant.

Around the next corner you'll hear a gentleman saying goodbye to his lady friend, promising to bring her jewels next time. Wait until the conversation is done and he's walked away then continue on. In the first room on the right, go into the closet and read a scroll that's been left on the top shelf, then open the chest to acquire a pair of earrings (+100 = 1785). In the room next to this one, there's a gray urn (+20 = 1805) sitting on the dresser. If you’ve doused the torch in the hall and move quickly, the girl will only go into alert mode for a moment, but won’t leave the room to look for you.

Turn right (W) at the next corner and go through a blue-curtained doorway. Turn right again into another hallway and go through the second doorway on the right into a room where a murdered girl is lying on the floor. Someone has scattered 3 lucky coins (+60 = 1865) on the floor beside her body. West of this room is a torture room where you can pick up a silver fire poker (+200 = 2065).

Retrace your steps along the hallway (E) and at the end, jog to the right. Walk through a red-curtained doorway onto the balcony above the bar. Unlock the double doors on the south side of the balcony with the Hall Key.

The first room in the right is a small office, where you can read the Madame's diary and steal a concealment potion from the chest. Down the corridor and beyond the grandfather clock is a small hallway to the right. Two rooms open off of it. On the right is Sally's room. Read a scroll she has tucked underneath her dresser and you'll find out she's been stealing from her customers. Flip a lever on the wall behind the armoire to find her stash which is Secret #4. A small panel in the wall to the right of the armoire will open and inside is a gem (+100 = 2165), a silver coinstack (+12 = 2177) and 3 coins (+60 = 2237).

In the room opposite Sally's you'll pick up a gold coinstack (+25 = 2262) and a silver coinstack (+12 = 2274). Return to the main hallway, turn right towards the double doors at the end. If you follow right behind the cop guarding the doors, he’ll make frequent trips down a hallway to the left.

Quickly open the door on the left and go into a storeroom before he turns back around (a note on the back porch explains why he’s going to the bathroom so often). Climb the ladder to the attic, open the shutters and climb out onto a ledge between rooftops. Walk east over a ladder, turn right (S) and you'll come to a window on your right. (If you want to get another gas arrow, continue on past the window, go around the corner and walk to the peaked roof at the end. If you climb up to the peak and then look to your left, you'll see a gas arrow suspended in some smoke in a flat section of roof. It's very difficult to get to and even harder to get back out of but it can be done if you're determined. I'd suggest saving before attempting this in case you get stuck.)

Open the window and crawl through into a loft above. Crouch and walk over the rafters above the middle of the room to the east end where you'll find a gold candlestick (+25 = 2299) in a chest then move over to the south side. Use a water arrow to douse the fire in the fireplace and shoot a moss arrow onto the table below. Silently drop down onto it but be careful not to let Truart spot you.

Read his diary, which is sitting on the table. Objective Complete! Snatch the gold wine bottle (+50 = 2349) that's lying on the carpet in front of the fireplace and take a purse (+100 = 2449) from the coffee table to the right of the doors then pick open the doors and return to the hallway.

That's it! Now you just need to get out of this place. Walk to the end of the hallway, then go around the balcony and through the red-curtained doorway opposite. Turn right and go down the stairs to the lower floor. Turn right at the bottom and then right through a red-curtained doorway. Grab a goblet (+15 = 2464) from the shelves on the right and go through the next door. Take the Side Door key that is hanging on the wall to the right and use it to unlock the door. Turn left then left again into the courtyard with the fire in the middle.

Mission Complete!